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About Le Caviste

In France, "Le Caviste" is your professional wine shopkeeper but that wouldn’t really be giving the profession its due as most French people believe that, much like a reliable doctor, once you find a "Caviste" that understands you, you keep him for life.

At "Le Caviste" you will not have to find your wine on your own or just rely on Robert Parkers or James Sucklings. The beauty of "Le Caviste" is that not only we will provide you with your go-to tipple, but also expose you to new wines that you might not have thought to try or don’t have the means to try.

"Le Caviste" is only offering wines that he tasted and know how to pair with the right food. French wines of course but from the rest of the world too.

Come in and let me help you choose wines to pair with your upcoming special events, casual get togethers or mid week dinners. I always enjoy the challenge of pairing old favorites or finding new discoveries to match a meal of choice.